Introduction; L'IProse authentique.

In the late 80s, raptors intelligence services, with sharp claws, killed with directed energy waves to people, with precision and relentless speed. For a long time, secret agents have practiced psychological torture and the destruction of the personality of the individual with intelligent electromagnetic weapons and financed by secret funds.

It is to push the individual into madness with electromagnetic radiation directed energy. They retain long waves on the victim.

Unfortunately, I was a victim of this murderous madness. The French government has used electromagnetic weapons against me to destroy my personality and my health.

These murderous actions by electromagnetic weapons were in part financed by secret funds from Matignon.

Thus, the French secret agents were able to get money on the Matignon secret funds to kill me.

The CIA is one of the first jurisdictions to have used this technology. The secrets of this technology have been sold to French and British state.

In the 80s, this electromagnetic weapon has to fight against the Soviet government.

One day, I would like to know the names of the primary culprits of the French government who sought to murder me with radiation directed energy.

The brain waves can be used to make telepathy or psychotronic.

In the past, I have also received anonymous death threats discrete, written and verbal, from some agents of the French secret services.

In the 70s, waves sometimes whistling in my head on Steenvoorde. This is a small town in northern France. It is in a parabolic bowl deep in the Flemish countryside.

At the time, the people of this small town centrist sometimes received Mr. Valéry Giscard d'Estaing and his family.

When Valery was on Steenvoorde, my brain was receiving an electromagnetic signal. Valery is it on Steenvoorde ?

Under the defense secret, secret agents of the French government participate in cruel torture, inhuman and degrading with electromagnetic energy weapons directed at people.

Aware of the risks, executioners by wave will always seek to give credibility to their good faith by compromising all victims of false crimes.

I'm one of their victims.

Harmful waves and intelligent guide people to psychiatric detention. The secret agents of the French government protect against charges of their victim radiating harmful waves.

Do you have any information or evidence -same anonymes- to provide me, in writing, to identify these criminals from the French government and identify their places of action ?

In the past, the intelligence services have accused me of harming the interests of France to obtain illegal authorization of a French Ministry for irradiating me harmful and intelligent waves.

Their mission was to destroy my personality and my health.

According to information from international intelligence services, secret background about - two hundred and fifty thousand euros per person - was used to finance the French state officials. They were killing me and erase the case.

The most privileged murderers received several hundred thousand euros.

This money is well worth it to make efforts to clear a man of French society ?

States, including democracies, are expected to have services whose existence is official, but whose functioning is protected by the thickest secret.

France is no exception to the rule, and simple logic is that a portion of its budget escapes the usual laws of the management of public funds.

Alas, some of these secret funds were used to torture me cruelly with harmful and intelligent wave directed energy.

The ultimate weapon to kill, efficiently and without any trace, a man in France: The secret services of the French government.

They are criminals of the intelligence services, authorized to torture and kill, who enrich themselves by destroying the personality and health of innocent people with harmful and intelligent wave directed energy.

The story told by Carl Clarck is to cut our breath. Englishman described how he hunted people on behalf of various secret services of France, then, after using escaped, he himself became a victim.

He also used electromagnetic weapons and microwave on others. it is now his turn to feel the thing.

It is necessary that these criminal manipulations are brought to the public consciousness, so that we can end it. He describes here what prompted him to come forward.

No one can be subjected to torture, can not be subjected to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment directed by wave energy.

Unfortunately, terrorists of the secret services of the French government sent me slyly and stealthily, death threats, through graffiti on the sidewalk but also verbally with sound waves.

Why raptors French government did they send me several times their official emblem, which symbolizes the values, business and operations of intelligence services, tagged with a swastika ?

I think if the intelligence services can afford to torture without reason in France a man with directed energy to radiation, it can also afford to send me their badge tagged hope to get at least one reason to be able to file a complaint against the victim for damage to a symbol of the state and justify torture by radiation.

Fear incites cruelty and manipulation.

And yes, raptors French intelligence services can do much harm without reason, as the large birds of prey, they hover over their victim, and they stop the threat.

Seeing the torture inflicted on an innocent person with radiation directed energy, what do you think of this equivalence: Intelligence services and alquaïda ?

A victim who defends his freedom, it is also a victim can receive threats.

The victim will always be guided to the Freedom and Human Rights.

Today, electromagnetic energy directed weapons intelligence are a very serious threat to the security of the population, and peace in Europe.

These are the countries where the intelligence services tortured me with electromagnetic energy directed weapons: Britain, France, Belgium, Greece, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia . So that these countries detrimental to my health and my privacy, with waves, intelligence services have also manipulated the police authorities of these countries to designate me as a harmful person.

I ask the international justice declassified documents on torutres by waves apartment to the French government intelligence services; a careful reading of their evil thoughts that led to serious attacks against my interests, my life and my health since the end of 80 years in France and in some European countries.

I also request a classification intelligent Electromagnetic weapons, and who can read human thoughts.

The ill health of people caused by directed energy weapons used by the intelligence services are limitless.

To date, no medical study has been done on the harmfulness of these weapons directed energy on people.

It is the French government intelligence services who ordered torture with intelligent waves, harmful and stealth on me.

Leading remote monitoring with waves, more secure and safe for intelligence officers, this will never be seen on the site and avoid costly and unnecessary travel.

This monitoring technique and hunting is used by the French government intelligence services abroad.

The technique allows waves to see and listen without being seen.

Denying the truth about torture by waves, it is to deny there is daylight at noon.

Some agents of the intelligence services are murderers. They tortured, killed and imprisoned in psychiatry with harmful waves of people under the cover of secrecy defense.

Nowadays, the management of intelligence protects criminals. These murderers locked up innocent people in psychiatry in hiding for their personal interests and values of the French government.

From 2007 to 2012, the French government has delegated his powers to torture (wave) to a spy agency. His goal, it was to lock people in psychiatry by sending a simple letter to the local police.

In official letters, agents of the intelligence services accused slyly people suffering from mental illness to influence the opinions of the police.

In July 2008, agents of the intelligence services have manipulated people from Elysee Palace to file at the police station in my town a complaint against me.

Following my complaints of torture against the French government, the intelligence services have accused me of mental illness for reasons of state.

French government intelligence services like to use manipulation techniques by anxiety and violence.

These manipulation techniques are always in hiding.

Unfortunately, for reasons of state, local police are never informed of these serious offenses committed by French intelligence services against people.

Following the horrific torture wave orchestrated by the French intelligence services against my person, I believe that France is guilty of crimes against humanity.

I light a small candle, however small it may be, to separate the wheat from the chaff. Light is the consciousness of man to distinguish good from evil.

The directed energy weapons can cause loss of memories and cognitive changes in a victim.

These cognitive manipulations by waves resemble other types of mental and behavioral manipulation (the Milgram experiment) or surgical (lobotomy).

The objective of these harmful waves is to destroy a person analysis capacity.

Brainwashing with waves sometimes accompanied by verbal and physical abuse to create a relationship of domination between the brain scrubber and the victim.

The use of high doses of antidepressants and psychotropic may limit cognitive and discriminative capacity of the subject, enough to manipulate the victim.

The electromagnetic wave energy directed have the same chemical properties as chemical drugs.

The science fiction literature mentions the possibility to condition the individual and drugged without it keeps track of manipulations operated.

Totalitarian regimes have nevertheless used chemistry to put their victims in a state of fear and suffering.

The French government operates in the same way with electromagnetic radiation energy directed on the population.

PDH means Pain-Drug-Hypnosis by wave directed energy.

That suggests a torture method used by intelligence services against the population.

The results of the Milgram experiment: During the first experiments by Stanley Milgram, 62.5% (25 of 40) of subjects led to the term experience in dealing three times ECT 450 volts.

Under the order, all participants reached the 135 volts.

The average maximum in volts (levels at which topics are stopped) was 360 volts.

However, each participant was at one time or another interrupted to ask the chef.

However, people showed signs of extreme nervousness and reluctance in torture tasks (verbal protests, nervous laughter, etc.).

Milgram call these results "unexpected and alarming".

Preliminary surveys of 39 doctors-psychiatrists had established a forecast of a rate topics sending 450 volts of about 1 in 1000 with a maximum trend of around 150 volts.

If we replace the electrical voltage by wave energy directed, the results are the same.

Some agents of the intelligence services know how to handle their own agents to get them to reproduce this behavior on remote victims to murder.

Chronic far: In 1989, a curtain of harmful waves, smart and stealthy, floods a young redhead. It was a lovely young British woman, a medical student.

Before me, she would dance under the effects stealth waves sent by the French intelligence services and English.

Shortly after, the intelligence services have sought to drive me to suicide with harmful and intelligent waves.

Hide the truth about their crimes is sacred, if you tell the truth, you will not make old bones.

In June 2013, during my short stay in Brussels, in the buildings of the European Council, I made radiate with harmful and intelligent waves.

You can even make you influence your choices by bad waves of brain type.

I am fulfilled, balanced, sociable, non-violent, and kind. I love life and my planet earth.

To kill: intelligence service hosts in a place a supercomputer, dubbed in another undisclosed location, highly sophisticated, programmed by algorithms that distort information, destroy the health of a person or murder people with harmful and intelligent waves.

This system can connect to the natural frequency of a person to radiate harmful and intelligent electromagnetic waves.

Destroy the health of a person with harmful electromagnetic radiation is one of time passes some people of intelligence.

These people quickly and badly radiate their victim.

When health is destroyed, nothing can reconstituted.

Health is the most precious treasure and the easiest to lose. It is however the most poorly guarded. A destroyed health is irreparable.

A destroyed machine easily replaces.

Without justice, I call for the destruction all killing machines by waves apartment to the intelligence services. These machines are programmed to destroy and kill innocent people cruelly.

Victims wave should be compensated.

My wowoujisme, friendly charms: During my decades of life the most difficult, cruel, inhuman and degrading that made me live the French intelligence services, the eternal virtues of optimism, hope, kindness and life allowed me to survive.

Even God can not erase the truth. My wowoujisme still represents balance and kindness.